ViBE-Z Validate Plugin

The Vibez-validate plugin for ImageJ allows you to do some initial quality checks on your data, before uploading it to the ViBE-Z Server.


Start "Vibez Validate" from the "Plugins" menu in ImageJ using Plugins -- HDF5 -- Vibez validate, and select a HDF5-file that you have prepared according to the ViBE-Z Data Preparation using ImageJ instructions.

The plugin loads all 16 stacks writes some log information and creates 4 collages:

  1. Maximum intensity projections (MIP) in z-direction
  2. The central slices in z-direction
  3. Maximum intensity projections (MIP) in y-direction
  4. The central slices in y-direction


The output of a good quality stack e098.h5 (477MB) looks like this (click on the images for large version):

Collage Z (MIP)

Collage Z (central slice)

Collage Y (MIP)

Collage Y (central slice)

Last Update: 31.8.2015